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Price: £ 295 + vat
Duration: 3 hours
Location: Remote

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This session covers best practices distilled from CRM implementations from the different industries, and shared here in an intensive Espresso hit.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at anyone interested to know how CRM has been successfully implemented in different organisations and environments, and wants to understand the best practices used so that the knowledge can be applied within their own organisations.  These can include IT administrators with a CRM interest (e.g. Salesforce or Microsoft CE), Change Managers, and Sales managers/directors.

What will it give you?

At the end of this course you will be able to:

Understand how best practices are used to ensure CRM success around the core areas:

  • IT involvement & Engagement
    – Administration, Encouraging User Adoption, technical involvement
  • Sales Department
    – Prospecting, Opportunity and forecast / pipeline management
  • Marketing Department
    – Cultivating, Nurturing, Qualifying & Converting Lead
  • Customer Services
    – Order Fulfilment, and Customer Support

How will this course be delivered?

This course is delivered remotely over video sessions.