Life is a marathon.nSoftware Projects are like (non-Agile) …

Life is a marathon.
Software Projects are like (non-Agile) sprints.

In Life – there will be up and downs on the way, but you haven’t finished the race until the end of the line.

You need to pace yourself, make sure you can function at mile 26, and not have over-cooked yourself in the early part of the race with the partying, careless eating, and not looking after your body, mind and spirit.

How you train and feed yourself on an ongoing basis, determines the quality of your last miles.

Are you still strong, or limping?
Are you looking forward to the finish line, because you’ve run such a great race?
Or are you looking to stop now, because you’ve run out of energy?

Software projects are quite different.
You have a specific goal to attain, and the time span is shorter than a life span.
You still make sure that you set up the foundations right, but it is really a sprint.
You burst out at kick-off, and you head towards the finish line.

If you do it right, the momentum will push through go-live successfully, leaving feelings of relief and jubilation.

So, for one project or two, it’s ok to push yourself really really hard.

But, if you’re in Consulting, you get back-to-back projects.
You finish one, and then you’re on to another one.

That’s when you have to re-frame your way of living, and turn it all into a marathon, where you go back to basics of looking after yourself – body, mind and spirit.

You’re in for the long haul, because it’s a life that is full of excitement and many character-building moments.

I love it.
That is why I tell new hires to the Consulting life, cultivate good life habits.
Because they will see you through to the end, and make sure every single mile is a good one.


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