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Discovery Consulting Masterclass

So you want to be an outstanding consultant? There are key principles you need to know. The five modules of the course below develop the skill set of a client-facing, problem solving, solution designing consultant.

All Masterclasses are delivered remotely.

There are two ways to join, with two different pricing options. Zenhao Academy members receive a discount on both options: 

1. Blended sessions:

The same material as the live classes, but run over 10 weeks. Each week, there will be a mix of video learning modules and 1 or 2 weekly live calls for skills practice, role plays and Q&A sessions. And some homework questions as well. 

Next masterclass starts: Jan 2022
Cost for members: £769 + vat
Cost for non-members: £1537 + vat

2. Live sessions

13 intensive and immersive 3 hourly sessions, spread over 3 weeks.
Next Masterclass starts: November 2021

LIVE class special offer
Book all 5 modules to get 20% off the total price:
Cost for members: £1999 + vat
Cost for non-members:  £2460 + vat
Spaces are limited. Please contact us for more details and to reserve your seats. 

Stylish iconDescTimingsMember rateNon-Member RateDates
CMC-101: The Consulting Engagement & Delivery
- end-to-end Consulting Engagement lifecycle
- Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile, Hybrid
- Consulting Project team roles & responsibilities
- Key activities during Consulting Projects
2 x 3hrs
2-5pm GMT
£322+ vat£495 + vat15, 16 Nov
CMC-102: Running & Facilitating Effective Workshops
- Facilitating skills & Meeting Dynamics
- Running Workshops
- Active Listening Skills
- Preparing for successful CRM Discovery workshops
3 x 3hrs
2-5pm GMT
£452+ vat£695 + vat17, 18, 22 Nov

CMC-103: Requirements Gathering - Critical Thinking, Process Mapping & Design
- Critical Thinking Techniques
- Approach to Problem Definition
- Fundamentals of process mapping
- mapping 'As-Is' Current states and 'To-Be' Future states
3 x 3hrs
2-5pm GMT
£452+ vat£695 + vat23, 24, 29 Nov
CMC-104: Requirements Gathering - The Art of Insightful Questioning
& Documenting User Stories

- Questioning Strategies for Consulting Workshops
- Drafting Design Documents
- Writing User stories & Acceptance Criteria
3 x 3hrs
2-5pm GMT
£452+ vat£695 + vat30 Nov & 1, 2 Dec
CMC-105: Delivering Powerful Solution Playbacks and Show & Tells
- Presentation skills focusing on Show & Tells
- Skills practice : Developing and presenting solution playback and Show & Tells
2 x 3hrs
2-5pm GMT
£322+ vat£495 + vat3, 6 Dec

Which one should I choose?

Why choose the blended option? 

Learn at a less intensive pace than the Live Masterclass, while still feeling ready to face clients by the end of the course. Are you juggling the course with work and/or other responsibilities? The blended course fits neatly into your busy life, giving you more time to complete homework (e.g. drawing process maps) and work with your groups to prepare for skills practice such as client interview workshops. Live calls will take place at different times to accommodate a variety of time zones.

Why choose the live option? 

Get started quickly! Learn the fundamentals and build your confidence so you’re ready to meet clients in less than a month. Great for getting a new team up and running and all working together.

Common Project Mistakes case study

Over 11 weeks, we will look at the key areas where real project mistakes can happen through case studies of fictional projects. We’ll discuss each scenario, work out what went wrong and how to stop it happening to your project. 

Next Date: Q2 2022
Time: 2-4pm BST
Cost for members: £319 + vat
Cost for non-members: £539 + vat

TopicWeekLengthMember priceNon-Member price
Architecture & design Issues12 hrs£29£49
Decision Making issues22 hrs£29£49
Estimation issues32 hrs£29£49
Goal & Vision issues42 hrs£29£49
Leadership & Governance issues52 hrs£29£49
Planning issues62 hrs£29£49
Project tracking & management issues72 hrs£29£49
Quality issues82 hrs£29£49
Requirement issues92 hrs£29£49
Stakeholder Engagement issues102 hrs£29£49
Team issues112 hrs£29£49

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