If no one’s heard, there’s this new #Salesforce exam coming out on 11 July, and it’s the one I’ve been waiting for – the Salesforce Business Analyst Cert!

Through discussions and breakout sessions, I hope to generate curiosity in those to pursue the art of Business Analysis, not just to pass the exam, but also to equip themselves with the skills to implement projects well.

We’ll start this coming Friday 8 July by looking at the difference between a BA role and an Admin role.
As my background is in Consulting world, I’ll be weighing in on these topics through those lens as well.


When is it?
Every day from 8 July to 12 Aug

What Time?
2-3.30pm BST (UK Time)

Won’t this clash with your coaching and workshop called “This Thing Every Other Friday (TTEOF)” that you run for your ZenHao members??
Yes, so the SFBA Exam Working Group sessions on these Fridays: 15, 29 July and 12 Aug, the session will run at this time: 3.30pm – 5pm BST 

Is it Free?

Will it be recorded for me to watch it later?
Yes it will be recorded, but it’s more for me to refine my material and delivery for when I re-launch my Discovery Masterclass for Salesforce BA Consultants. 
Recordings will not be available for attendees.

Should I put all the sessions in my diary (including the 3 Fridays that start later)?
Yep, sorry I don’t know how to get my kajabi platform to send .cal invites.. 😬

What do I need to prepare?
Review all the material prior to the start. 
E.g. Customer Discovery (17%) will be covered from 8-18 July, so make sure you’ve done all the trailheads for that section before the 8th. 

I’ll send out reminders before the next ones.

Bring a mug of your favourite hot (or cold!) beverage and get ready to have fun and learn something in the process!