5 – #PeiItForward no charge spaces up for grabs

On the next Discovery Consulting Masterclass (15 Nov)

These will be split into two categories

2 spaces for – Most Trailhead Points accrued in 30 days

There are two no-charge spaces for the two top scorers from 2 Oct – 31 Oct (inclusive).

At 12:01 on 2 Oct, this registration form will be available to submit your entries, where you will have to input information such as your Trailhead profile URL, and your current points.

Competition closes on 31 Oct, where you will then need to upload your latest points scored, and the top two entries that have accrued the most points will win.

3 spaces for – all-round high scorers + #PeiItForward SaConJa* spirit

Let me explain.

Within the next 30 days, while you are hitting the Trailhead and learning as much as you can about Salesforce, I hope that you will also contribute to the ecosystem and the wider society by performing #RandomActsOfKindness. Here’s how this wil work.

  • Crack on in Trailhead and blaze some trails
  • Help the Salesforce community. Answer questions within the community (I will also track # of answers and questions submitted in the 30 days)
  • Do a #RandomActOfKindness (RAOK), share that on LinkedIn with the hashtag #PeiItForwardChallenge so that I can track them down
  • On the final Micro Workshop on 5 November, I’ll nominate 5 entries that display the best SaConJa spirit based on Trailhead points accrued, Answers to the community, RAOK and will open it to all attendees of the Micro Workshop to vote
  • Top 3 entries with the most votes will win spaces on the next Discovery Consulting Masterclass for #Salesforce professionals on 15 November 2021 (see here for more details).

*SaConJa = Salesforce Consulting ninJa

Key dates

12:01 am BST
2 October 2021
Competition begins.
Registration opens.
Fill in the entry form over --> here.
2:00pm BST
15 October 2021
Micro Workshop # 4 - Critical Thinking
Checkpoint on competition
11:59 pm BST
31 October 2021
Competition ends.
Please make sure you fill in this form with your final scores before this time over --> here
(Link will be live until 11:59pm on 31 Oct)
2:00pm GMT
5 November 2021
Final Micro Workshop # 5 - Power & Influence
Announcement of top 3 winner of most Points.
Vote for the most impactful #PeiItForward entries for the final 3 spaces