To donut or not to donut 🍩

To donut or not to donut 🍩.
Can I walk away?
Or do I give in to the evil Donut Fairies??

It is true tough.

Human nature is such that we prefer to avoid pain today (of not eating the donut) versus future pain (ruining my life and those around me because of my severe donut addiction). 😁

I can see this in the other areas of life.

Nailing all 1324 levels in that roblox sim game rather than completing that important thesis.

Stealing heady illicit moments with the neighbour when your spouse is away instead of working on your marriage.

The marshmallow experiment that claims to show that success will come your way if you can manage your impulse control*.

*there’s some interesting controversy here that may be the subject of a future post.

There is some takeaway from the findings that is quite useful.

If you’re able
To pause
To reflect
To take a moment and
Ask some hard questions
And work on providing really candid answers…

You will be giving a gift to the Future You.

The gift of Measured Thinking.

That means that your actions are the result of thoughtful deliberation where you weigh the situation carefully and make a decision based on your values and goals.

I think Future Me deserves that.

I don’t want her to be a Donut Addict and battling the effects of poor health choices.

Even though right now, a box of glazed 🍩 sounds incredibly delectable! 😋😋😋