That Thing Every Other Friday. TTEOF.

These 90 minute micro workshops are run Every Other Friday, and are exclusively for Zenhao Academy members.

The topics and dates have been scheduled as below – note that they may change based on feedback from Zenhao Academy members. Members are encouraged to bring questions and dilemma from work or personal experience for group discussion.

119/11/2021Consulting Skills1Setting professional goals
23/12/2021Personal Leadership1Values & Beliefs
317/12/2021Powerful Communication1Common Myths about communication
(Thursday - due to 31 Dec being NYE!)
Power & Influence1Power & Influence
514/1/2022HP Team Dynamics1Team Building Skills
628/1/2022Consulting Skills2Professional Conduct
711/2/2022Personal Leadership2EI - Self Awareness
825/2/2022Powerful Communication2Non Verbal communication
911/3/2022Power & Influence2Coercive Power
1025/3/2022HP Team Dynamics2Understanding group dynamics
1108/4/2022Consulting Skills3Impression Management
1222/4/2022Personal Leadership3EI - Self Management
1306/5/2022Powerful Communication3Project Communications
1411/3/2022Power & Influence3Utility Power
1503/6/2022HP Team Dynamics3What does good look like?
1617/6/2022Consulting Skills4Rules of Client Engagement
1701/7/2022Personal Leadership4EI - Social Awareness
1815/7/2022Powerful Communication4Organisational Comms
1929/7/2022Power & Influence4Principle Centred Power
2012/8/2022HP Team Dynamics4Coaching & Feedback
2126/8/2022Consulting Skills5Data Privacy & Security
2209/9/2022Personal Leadership5EI - Relationships
2323/9/2022Powerful Communication5Designing documents for readability
2407/10/2022Power & Influence510 principles of Power
2521/10/2022HP Team Dynamics5How do HPT work?
2604/11/2022Consulting Skills6Ethics & Lawfulness
2718/11/2022Personal Leadership6Dealing with Fear & Setbacks
2802/12/2022Powerful Communication6Writing Effective Emails
2916/12/2022Power & Influence6How to increase Principle Centred Power
3030/12/2022HP Team Dynamics6Group Decision making
3113/1/2023Consulting Skills7High performing habits
3227/1/2023Personal Leadership7Goal setting & Motivation
3310/2/2023Powerful Communication7Communicating professionally
3424/2/2023Power & Influence7Selling with Power
3510/3/2023HP Team Dynamics7The challenges of leading HPT
3624/3/2023Consulting Skills8Brainstorming techniques
3707/4/2023Personal Leadership8Using EI to deal with conflicts
3821/4/2023Powerful Communication8Business Presentations
3905/5/2023Power & Influence8Leading with Power
4019/5/2023HP Team Dynamics8Team Leaders
4102/6/2023Consulting Skills9Managing your consulting career
4216/6/2023Personal Leadership9Leadership Styles
4330/6/2023Powerful Communication99Assertive Communication
4414/7/2023Power & Influence9What if they are trying to influence you?
4528/7/2023HP Team Dynamics9Strategies for Teamwork & Collaboration
4611/8/2023Consulting Skills10Networking & Personal Branding
4725/8/2023Personal Leadership10Personal Leadership Goals
4808/9/2023Powerful Communication10Using appropriate channels of communication
4922/9/2023Power & Influence10How do I acquire Influence?
5006/10/2023HP Team Dynamics10Strategies for Developing others