What is Ethics

Here’s what Google says it is.

Ethics is doing the right thing.

It’s very easy to do the right thing when everyone’s watching, but what if no one’s watching?

What if a big temptation comes along and you have the opportunity to get away with a crime without paying the price?

For example:

  • the shopkeeper has given you too much change
  • you got 13 donuts instead of 12! 😍
  • you’ve fed your arch enemy to your pet alligator and she’s now croc poop
  • you find a missed requirement that’s a glaring mistake which could mess up the system – but you’re a contractor and you won’t be around when they find out.

Your actions form a basis and a pattern of behaviour that will become part of your personal brand – whether you realise it or not.

How do you decide on morally grey decisions? What guides your thinking process?

Ethics and Integrity are values that are talked about as part of core company culture, but what does it actually mean? When you are interviewing for a role, and if these values are important to you – ask the interviewer for examples about how they manifest their values.

Professional Behaviour

If you google ‘Professional Behaviour’ you’d get pages and pages of what you should do at work.  Like…

1. Be timely

Be punctual for everything.  Once in awhile ‘running late’ or being tardy is acceptable, but don’t make it a habit.

2. Be prepared

Arrive at meeting fully prepared.  That’s because as a consultant, our clients pay us to be professional, and pay us to deliver high quality results.

3. Keep commitments

Do what you say you’re going to do.

Keep your word.

Otherwise people won’t trust you.

If you’re on my project and you don’t keep your word, I’ll lose trust, and that won’t bode well for you. And you definitely won’t get onto my Xmas list!  😑

4. Be responsible and accountable

What you produce and deliver is on you, and you are expected to discharge your duties in a responsible way.


5. Be conscientious

No shortcuts, not without due care and attention.  If it’s necessary, make sure you discuss with your PM and team before you peel off the yellow brick road. 🦁

6. Appearance & Professional Presence

Dress, hygiene, grooming, posture, poise and body language.

Make sure you present well.

7. Expenses

Follow company guideline policies, be honest and don’t do your expenses in front of your client. Nope.

And don’t complain about accomodation or food in front of the client. IEspecially if you’re in a different culture and country, as you may accidentally cross the line. 😣

8. Don’t gossip

Just don’t.

Don’t gossip about your company, your clients, your project, your team.

Gossip isn’t professional.

I’d also stay away from any topics that may be contentious – Religion, politics, sex, brexit, covid vaccination, Kardashians, that sort of thing.

9. Be respectful and kind

Build relationships and strong team by being respectful and kind, which allows team norms to develop to create a functional environment.

You need that when implementing consulting projects under pressure. 

This is actually how you create super teams 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️

10. Stay off the drama

You want to be calm and professional in business situations.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t be angry and upset – you just have to keep things under control.

Clients pay us to not lose our cool.  They pay us to solve problems when the poop hits the fan.

And no, no expired donuts 🍩  please.

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