The Story

Our team at Zenhao Training have had years of experience in consulting and project delivery. We’ve seen quite a few project deliveries:

  • The really smooth and slick implementation – beautifully executed.
  • The one that had all the signs that it was going to be a bumpy ride.
  • The one where the client tried to Big Bang an “agile” implementation.
  • (and frequently) the one where we had to steer and recover a project out of the red zone.

Salesforce is the current CRM market leader enticing businesses to move over from its competition.

With its innovative (and free) training playground, anyone with a keen and able mindset can quickly learn the product and become certified.

This results in a pool of resources who are highly competent in the product, but who may need that extra guidance and training to implement the system professionally.

Our courses directly address the specific skills and knowledge a Salesforce consultant would require to deliver a project.


We help provide the guidance and training needed to close the gap between a professional who knows the product and software, to a professional who knows how to apply it, and put it to business use correctly.

The Team

Pei Mun Lim

Founder & Lead Trainer

Pei is an Ex-MCSEer, ex-BOFH, ex-MCDBA, ex-Dynamics CRM Consultant, ex-BA, ex-QA Specialist, ex-PM, ex-WOWer – lifelong consultant.

Having left her last post, she’s now using over 20 years’ worth of knowledge and battle scars from previous project failures and successes and turned them into digestible format for the new generation of consultants.

Past clients: British Heart Foundation, Comic Relief, Financial Times, British Library, Chelsea Football Club, Croydon Council.

She is a long standing Samaritan at her local branch, and also trains new volunteers.

Oh, and she is a dog person.

But she doesn’t have one. Yet.

Kajal Pandya

Principle Trainer

This veteran consultant has worked with Pei in the past, and is as passionate about quality project delivery as ever.

Kajal’s forte is in Business Analysis and Quality Assurance – the two oft-overlooked key components that is critical in ensuring project success. It really isn’t down to how well you can build a cool product.

It’s how well you design it, and the robustness of what you build.

There really is no point creating a flashy shiny sophisticated piece of code if it bottles at the first non-happy-path scenario to be tested.

And *that* is the essence of a quality delivery.

By the way, Kajal is a ‘fish’ person. No fur, no muss, no fuss.