What does the Salesforce Consultant Skills Framework* mean for Zenhao Academy?

There are many training resources out there that provides hard skills on the Salesforce platform, such as Trailhead, Authorized Training Partners and Bootcamp providers, as well as so many excellent blogs and articles out on the Interwebs.

Continuous product learning by writing whitepapers, and blogs, delivering talks and interacting with the community will definitely help deepen domain knowledge in your niche of choice.

Business Experience is acquired through volunteering with Charities and Not For Profits (NFPs), as well as building a portfolio of work by creating and configuring Apps and just actually working on a real life project, solving real business problems.

Zenhao Training has been designed and developed based on 25 years’ experience to fill the knowledge gap between the Salesforce product and Salesforce implementations for real customers. After all, you want the companies you work with to love Salesforce as much as you do.

What this Academy is not

It’s not Salesforce system training. Register on Salesforce’s free Trailhead platform, which gamifies the process to build your knowledge in no time. To get the best out of Zenhao Training, you’ll need a good grasp of Salesforce

What this Academy is

It is a sure-fire way to level up on that great Salesforce training, and be able to take it out and run successful implementations in the real world, with real customers.

Zenhao’s training and coaching expertise lies within the next 4 elements of the more Human (also known as ‘Soft’) skills, that are imperative for success on a professional and personal.

Masterclasses, Workshops that includes Role Plays and Skills Practice, focuses on the practical side of running and delivering quality projects.

Ready to level up?

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