14 minutes

14 minutes.
In 14 minutes, I went through a roller coaster of feelings across the spectrum of human emotions as I listened to my caller tonight.

I’ve come to learn that life is made up of many moments.
Moments that are
– Significant
– Momentous
– Small
– Deep
– Seemingly insignificant

Moments of an event that may mean one thing to you, and a completely different emotional experience to someone else.

It just takes a single moment, a tipping point event, that causes our callers to pick up the phone and call us. Many are standing on the precipice, and some of them are hoping for a reason not to take that final step from which there is no return.

Tonight, I am urging you to look around and pay attention to the moments that may seem unimportant to you, but perhaps may indicate that someone’s in need of help.

That moment when
– the silence is just a few heartbeats too long before they answer that they are “fine”.
– you hear her voice catch as she answers the call from her mum.

Please pay attention to those moments.
Pause, and hold a safe space for them to share what’s going on in their life with you.
Perhaps it may take more than 14 minutes.
What’s important is that you hold that space for as long as they need you.

You may save a life. 🌹

If you are in the UK, and you’re struggling, you can call #Samaritans freephone on 116 123 to talk to a volunteer. Otherwise, you can email jo@samaritans.org.


So the answer to pizza slice #2

So the answer to pizza slice #2 will be on this week’s newsletter going out at midnight tonight.

To fan your FOMO flames, I’ve shared some very interesting nuggets about this pizza slice garnered from 25 years of doing projects.

You’d only probably relate if you’ve walked in my shoes 👟 which may be a bit stinky, but they’ve walked quite a few miles.

Have a guess as to pizza slice 2 on this SaConJa* Skills Framework. Slice 1 was Domain Excellence.

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What do you do

What do you do when your team member has lost a child and you cannot ease their grief?
Or when your friend has a family crisis that you cannot fix?
Or when another is going through a traumatic divorce and is facing a bleak future?

Sometimes all you can do is to hold a safe space for them.
To be there for them.
To listen deeply.
Without judgement.
Without telling them what to do, how to be or how to feel.
Without trying to ‘fix’ anything.

It is a form of attunement, and in being aware of our own mind and body while tuning and connecting to another person.
Sometimes we connect on a gut and emotional level as well.

It’s being able to stay in tune and in sync with the feelings of others as well as with ours.

If you’re with someone, you are paying attention to everything.
Their body language.
The way they are talking – the tone, rhythm and cadence.
How they shift their gaze or breathe, when they are finding it hard to share a challenging part of their story.

Perhaps if they are upset and anxious, you can offer a grounded presence that helps to calm them.
Or if they are grieving and tearful, you can offer a safe space for them to feel secure enough to be vulnerable and emotional.

Holding a space for someone isn’t easy, as it may awake some feelings in ourselves that is uncomfortable.

Practice relaxed awareness.
You may want to talk to someone else about what you’re experiencing, and that’s ok too.

Holding a space for others is a gift you can give, one that costs you nothing but is priceless to the recipient.

The English start by putting the kettle on. ☕
How do you hold space for others?


Hey, it’s guess the next pizza pie

Hey, it’s guess the next pizza pie slice of the SaConJa skills framework day!

So the puzzle is a little harder, given that my icons aren’t great 🙄 (Microsoft please can you create more standard icons for Powerpoint??)

BUT – Brian Sullivan has made headway by poring over Ian Gotts‘s youtube vid on a related arena for Business Analysis, so that’s an incentive to check it out (link to Vanessa Grant‘s post about it in comments).

There are many overlapping areas for Business Analysis and Consulting, so that’s a big hint.

Here’s another clue for pizza slice 2. 🍕

The more of slice 2 a #Salesforce Consultant has, the more valuable they become. While an in-house admin can acquire slice 2 and also make themselves valuable in the market place, the consultant can make accelerated gains purely on the basis of the job role.

Ok, I think that’s a big juicy clue.

We know that pizza slice 1 is Domain Excellence, but what is pizza slice 2?
The answer will be posted in my newsletter coming out over the weekend (sign up 👇🏻 if interested)

Hmm, now why do I suddenly feel hungry? 😋


I nag

I nag.
But I’m so charming that my team rarely minds too much 😁

Except my kids, because they get stuff taken away when they ignore me. 😉

However, most people think that it’s all #ProjectManagers do.
I must admit that there are enough sub-par PMs out there who think that all they’re responsible for is to nag for updates (for their status reports), schedule meetings and distribute minutes.

The best of us are so much more than that!

We are the glue that keeps things together.
We do things that need to be done that no one thinks about.
We coach and nurture the team so that we can fly faster. 🚀
We support and elevate those around us.
We de-escalate tension and resolve conflict.
We help everyone carve a path to reach their potential, though that destination may eventually lie elsewhere. 🍀

We help the team do the work that gets the job done, and have loads of fun and laughter along the way.

We are the glue.
Not the most glamourous job, but it’s an important one.

And if you work with a #Salesforce Consulting Partner, then we also nag about timesheets.
So… if you want to be my favourite person, always do your timesheets ON TIME!! 😆

🍩 won’t excuse you if you create issues for my monthly billing!

Ok, it’ll make me less grumpy, just… don’t do it again. 😑


Sometimes I dislike going out

Sometimes I dislike going out.

I feel bleah. 😩
I don’t like my shoes – they’re going to hurt. 👠
I can’t wear a dress because it’s going to get cold and I hate the cold. 🥶
Ug. Tube during rush hour. 🚆
Did I just see him pick his nose and wipe it on the seat?! 🤮

The idea of getting into the train to go to the Copado and OwnBackup Dreamforce Viewing Party last evening did not feel appealing.

It was my first public networking event for a LONG TIME, and I. Just. Didn’t. Feel. Like. It.

But it was FABULOUS!
Well organised (except that they didn’t have my name badge ready even though I signed up soon as Barnaby Savage-Mountain sent me an invite!) but that was ok!

I absolutely ❤ seeing so many people I’ve missed for so long, and getting hugs (I did ask for permission too!!)
I’m a hugger, and I’ve missed seeing so many important people.

Not much Viewing of Marc Benioff’s keynote was going on as most people were busy catching up, as was I!

It was great to meet you all Rob Lye DipPFSEleanor DearingDevinder ChauhanJasmine AshleyGemma BlezardPaul FoleyLouise LockiePaul Jackson just to name a few.

Though I wasn’t looking forward to it at the start, by the end of the night…
My cup was full. 🥛

Even though they didn’t have any donuts, I went home happy 🥰

Looking forward to more in-person events, but for now my poor tootsies need a rest. 👣