This workshop is designed to enable delegates to deep dive into the mechanics of process mapping workshops; starting with critical thinking skills, understanding the current business state, and analysing opportunities for improvement and efficiencies. The next step would be to generate the future state within the to-be processes, which will form part of the requirements for the new system.

Target Audience

This course is for new consultants, who have not been exposed to a structured requirements gathering process.

What will it give you?

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand how to approach questions and problems
  • Evaluate the different ways of thinking about things
  • Understand the mechanics of running an effective meeting / workshop
  • Generate questions to try and understand current business processes
  • Analyse current state and articulate those processes using diagrams and flow-charts within process maps
  • Applying that understanding with knowledge of what could be possible in a future (to-be) system state and illustrating that with process maps

What will this course cover?

This module covers the ins and outs of running process mapping workshops, to outline current as-is business process maps and articulate future states.

  1. Critical Thinking – what is it
  2. Questioning sources of beliefs
  3. Overview of As-Is and To-Be Process Mapping
    • Process mapping in business
    • Mechanics of process mappings
    • Key workshop activities
  4. Role play & Group Exercise:
    • Interview and information elicitation role-play
    • Mapping as-is processes
    • Optimising processes into a new to-be processes

How will this course be delivered?

This course is delivered remotely over video sessions.