There are lots of courses on presentation skills; this intensive workshop is directed specifically to the needs of consultants and other professional service providers, who are critically judged on the quality of their presentations.

Consultants are expected to have very polished presentation skills they call on

  • to pitch to clients during pre-sales or bids,
  • to persuade clients of the recommended solutions,
  • to run workshop and training sessions,
  • … and in many other situations.

Target Audience

Delegates should ideally have some experience of making and delivering presentations. This is a more comprehensive course which extends that basic knowledge to upgrade the skills required to meet the additional demands placed on a consultant.

What will it give you?

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Review the basic skills of presenting
  • Understand the techniques of planning presentations for different situations and audiences
  • Confidently prepare and deliver powerful presentations, and show & tells utilising presentation techniques

What will this course cover?

  1. Basics of Presentation
  2. Building the slide deck
  3. Delivering Show & Tells
  4. Identifying ‘Done’ User Stories and creating narrative
  5. Role play and exercises
    • Planning, preparing and delivering Show & Tell
    • Practicing presentation skills

How will this course be delivered?

This course is delivered remotely over video sessions.