Price & Course Details

Price: £ 495 + vat
Duration: Course will be delivered over 2 afternoons (2pm – 5pm)
Location: Remote

Course Dates


In order to do their work effectively, Consultants will frequently need to navigate the political landscape of clients and stakeholders in their project from pre-sales right through to the completion of delivery.  They need to understand how to influence outcomes in an honorable way, in spite of some of the challenging obstacles that might stand in their path.

Target Audience

This is aimed at Consultants of all levels, from graduates, to new hires from the end-user environment, to seasoned Consultants who are interested in how to better manage project stakeholders  in order to set the project up for a successful outcome.

What will it give you?

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the different stakeholders within the project
  • Assess stakeholders and their level of engagement within the project 
  • Understand the difference between power and influence
  • Outline the ethical uses of both the formal and informal power bases 
  • Describe the different Influence that are used to influence outcomes
  • Understand about politics in workplaces, and how to survive these environments

What will this course cover?

  1. Creating & Maintaining Client Relationships
  2. Effective Stakeholder management
  3. Understanding Power & Influence
  4. Managing power and politics in a workplace environment

How will this course be delivered?

This course is delivered remotely over video sessions.