Price & Course Details

Price: £ 295 + vat
Duration: Course will be delivered over 1 afternoon (2pm – 5pm)
Location: Remote

Course Dates


One of the things that Consultants need to know, whether they are working within a Consulting Partner or as a contractor, is how to deal with security properly.  Data breaches will result in financial penalties as well as reputational damage and evn criminal sanctions.

This module focuses on what Consultants need to know to maintain security compliance for their clients, their company, and within the project.

Target Audience

This is aimed at Consultants of all levels, from graduates, to new hires from the end-user environment, to seasoned Consultants.

What will it give you?

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Have a basic understandin of the Principles of Securty and Secure Information Handling
  • Know how to handle information securely
  • Identify the various Security Level Classification and its impact within project
  • Outline the different ways of dealing with customer data securely
  • Understand the critical importance of Data Privacy and GDPR when handlin customer data
  • Describe the different ways of safeguarding personal data
  • List down the GDPR requirements and Security compliance for the different Consulting Engagement Types and Projects

What will this course cover?

  1. Security & Secure Information handling
  2. GDPR & Data Privacy
  3. Security Compliance in Consulting Projects

How will this course be delivered?

This course is delivered remotely over video sessions.