Difference between Business and Life

What’s the difference between operational business processes, and life processes – say, the process of making friends, or finding a life partner?

It’s the degree of certainty involved.

In business processes, you can be reasonably sure what’s going to happen next when you pick option A over option B.

For example – choosing payment via credit card using a specific currency, over a manual payment process using a cheque (who does that nowadays?!)

In Life though, you aren’t quite sure what you’re going to get.

The value is in
– the thinking – about how events may play out.
– identifying the options and weighing the pros and cons.
– thinking about what you want, and whether the risk is worth going for it.

The value is in the process of thinking about the process.

Too many people focus on the reaction of our lizard brain that is instinctive and serves to protect us from harm and pain.
“Ack! You want me to CHANGE?!” 😱

We need our rational, ‘grown-up’ brain to walk through the process, evaluate outcomes and make sound decisions.

That’s also the value of doing #ProcessMapping when we design a #Salesforce system or other #CRM system.

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