How many Project Managers

How many Project Managers does it take to change a lightbulb?
None – because they spend all their time talking and “planning” and “resourcing” the task. 😫

There are many sub-par Project Managers in the industry, and I think it’s the perception that almost anyone can be a PM.

Apparently we don’t do much, except
– schedule meetings/calls
– take minutes and distribute
– and react when things go wrong.

It’s a lot more than that.

The best of us understand that we are key in driving the success of a project.

At its most basic level, #ProjectManagement involves being able to
RESPOND (appropriately)

I see us as the glue that hold everyone and everything together.

We build the trust that is the foundation of strong relationships within the team, with the customer, and with the stakeholders.

This allows respectful and candid conversations to happen, which in turn creates an environment to generate healthy functional conflicts in order to deliver quality projects.

We pave the path for our team to do great work.
We get rid of obstacles, and remove friction and noise.

I love being a #ProjectManager. 🥰

Have you ever worked with an outstanding PM?
Tag them in the comments 👇🏻!