I don’t mind playing the bad guy

I don’t mind playing the bad guy.
I really don’t.
Especially if it means our team gets what we need to get the job done.

I tell my team that they can pass the blame to me.

“Oh yes of course, I’d really love to help you but I need to ask my PM of course.”

“You know she’s very strict about what goes into the sprint backlog…”

So (A) illustrates that.
My team keep the good relationships and stay the nice helpful guys, while I will take on the tough conversations.

Saying “no” tactfully.
Challenging requests.
Adhering to agreed timelines and scope.

I think that if you’re in a junior role, you need to expect to pay close attention to the details.
Get the small things right, because a small loose screw may dismantle the ship in flight.

I need to focus on the big picture, and I’d argue that anyone senior will need to as well.
The Solution and Technical Architects, for example.

So (B) holds true, except you will need to think about shifting to the right as you gain experience and seniority.

(C) is a no brainer. We are all righties on this axis!