I rarely wade into controversial topics

I rarely wade into controversial topics such as religion, sex and politics… And more recently Brexit (in the UK) and vaccination.

I am curious.
I listen.
I keep an open mind.
And I don’t judge.

There are not that many hills that I would die on, and I am totally open to be wrong in anything and have my perspectives and paradigms shifted 180°.

I am covering Critical Thinking with my group, and this article from Eisenstein is an example of a deeply thoughtful and masterful essay on the topic.

Whether or not I agree with anti-vaxxers is irrelevant.

And if I am incensed or offended in any way by this article, then it is I who needs to broaden my mind and grow a little bit more.

The simple takeaway here is that shame has no place in our society.

Our worldview is shaped by our upbringing, culture, and experience and all of that shapes our beliefs and our values.

There are some who choose to live on a very narrow island, and disregard anything that do not conform with their personal world view.

That’s OK.
What’s not OK, is shaming them.

Regardless of our differences in life, there is always space for #empathy and #kindness.

Even if we disagree.

Except if you don’t like donuts.
That’s… Just not human. 🤨
Maybe you’re a Skrull?* 🤭

*MCU reference