I wouldn’t trust James

James is a PM that I wouldn’t trust to lead in a crisis. 

Let’s say that Zombies are about to take over the world. 😱

And you’ve been asked to head up the team that will design and build an international hub on the moon. 

You’ll have to work with other countries and organisations for the various parts of the project. 

Is Agile the right way to approach this project?

It may be appropriate if you’re on less complex project with very limited parties in collaboration. 

For a lot enterprise implementations, a more waterfall or hybrid approach is a less risky option especially if you’ve got a tight deadline (I don’t want my brains🧠 eaten thank you very much!) 

Identifying the Critical Path is also really important.
It lets you organise resources efficiently and watch out for where bottlenecks may happen.

OK, my lovely Gantt chart below is lacking details and task dependency but broadly, as a #ProjectManager you should be able to work out the CP (the red line).

As you can see, tasks (B), (D) and (F) could be done earlier. The rest will need to be managed closely. 

James’s project had fixed budget, strong outcome and a strict deadline. As a scrum certified PM though, James decided to run the project in an Agile manner.  

Not the best decision. 

He did not manage change properly AND he also did not keep an eye on the Critical Path.

#Leadership and #ProjectManagement skills are very important… 
Especially during world-ending catastrophes. 

No, if we were over-run with Zombies, we’d be so dead if he was in charge.

I am rather fond of my brains ❤️🧠😁