If you haven’t been able to catch any fish, is the fishing r…

If you haven’t been able to catch any fish, is the fishing rod at fault?
If you burn your hand while cooking, do you stop cooking and only eat sandwiches and don’t-require-cooking food forever?

My post yesterday generated some interesting discussions.

A Project Manager who did not plan ahead to make sure an important resource was available for a critical project activity felt that she had “done her duty” by sending off the email.

It’s like a teacher or trainer who says, “I’m going to repeat stuff on the powerpoint slide to impart some knowledge, and I’ve done my job.”

No, as a trainer, you need to make sure that the students understand and is able to apply their knowledge. If that’s not working, you need to find out why.
Are they distracted?
Do they have issues going on at home that you don’t know about?
Is your method of delivery… boring?
Are you varying your delivery to cater for different learning styles?
Is your content engaging?
Are you leverage technology to improve understanding of key concepts?
Is the session held at the right time? (After lunch is poor for concentration)

Critical thinking is a crucial skill that everyone needs to have, in order to solve problems well.

This applies to everyone, but is particularly important for a Project Manager.
Anything less, and you’re just an admin robot, a box-ticker.
Nobody really likes a box-ticker.

The world is full of diverse, complex and interesting problems, and it would be a shame to waste human talent and innovation on just… ticking boxes.

Be more.
Yes. Yes you can. 🌞🌻