It’s super fun to see regular faces

It’s super fun to see regular faces at my #PeiItForward micro workshops!

We’ve just finished the 4th one on #CriticalThinking, and I really enjoyed the fascinating discussion and thoughts with the amazing attendees.

Who would have thought an innocent question about a photo of a dead elephant 🐘 would lead to a question about my political affiliations?! 😧

The final micro workshop on #PowerAndInfluence on Friday 5th November – details in link 👇🏻

In the meantime, here’s the update on the competition for 5 no-charge seats on my next Discovery Consulting Masterclass.

Current leaderboard on the competition
1. Brandon Van Galder
2. Lisa Roberts, M.S.Ed.
3. Raymond Gutierrez
4. Vicki Moritz-Henry
5. Munish N.
6. Sue Pippel
7. Conni Stock
8. Meena K.
9. Janie Hoang
10. Gemma Munsey
11. Samantha B. (Samantha – you need to provide me your trailhead ID)

What really warmed my heart is that Munish has attended the Masterclass before, and has entered into the competition to gift the space to someone else. ❤ That just made me all melty inside 😌

It’s not too late to enter the competition, we have a few entries who have not accrued any points to date perhaps due to work or time pressures… get in there quick and blitz the trails! 🤩

Remember that you don’t have to have the highest accrued points in October if you do a #RandomActOfKindness or #RAOK and tag #PeiItForwardChallenge as there will be a nomination for 3 of the 5 winners on Friday 5 November.

Hope to see you there!