We were so excited to be there

We were so excited to be there.
Our first outing to watch Trevor Noah’s show, Back To Abnormality at the O2 in London.

However, everyone who bought tickets via some of the online entertainment sites (like the one that rhymes with MicketFaster.com) did not get their tickets.

Like us.

We were in good spirits, but our patience was wearing thin as we waited ages in line to pick up replacement tickets.

Eventually we got in about 1.5 hours after the start of the show.
To our surprise, we didn’t feel as if we were shortchanged at all, and ended up having a thoroughly fantastic time.

– the show started later to accommodate those who couldn’t get in on time, or
– Trevor did a much longer set.

Prior to the show, in the queue, I could tell that anger was mounting and people were vocally making their unhappiness known.

The company had committed the cardinal sin in forgetting to send out the tickets.

With repeated re-scheduling of the show due to lockdown and travel restrictions, it was easy to see how the mistake could have happened.

But still, it was a brilliant night out.
Everyone left buzzing with endorphins and they couldn’t stop talking about their experience.

Laughter will do that to you.

It sucks out the oxygen that fuels anger.
It brightens the mood of the moment.
It eases suffering temporarily.

It lifts the soul and carries with it a piece of humanity that makes it easier for us to carry on with the business of living.

I am so lucky my family loves laughing.
We do crazy and fun and silly, every day.

I mean, life is too short to be anything else, no?

Wishing you lots of silly laughter and buckets full of humour to lift your weekend. 😊