A Project Manager is not just someone

A Project Manager is not just someone who
– nags you about the status of your task
– nags you about that issue that you said you’d finish
– writes status reports
– schedules meetings
– draws pretty timelines (and mine can be quite cute!)

We do a lot more than that.
Well, I am talking about the good ones.

Yesterday, I overheard another conversation bashing PMs.

Sigh. 🙄

We build relationships through trust, transparent communication and respect.

We create a safe environment for the project team to thrive.

We ensure enough healthy tension to encourage functional conflict, great debates and opportunities to stretch skills and expand mindset.

We nurture and develop talent, especially the young green grasshoppers, so that they acquire the skills they need and build resiliency.

Thank you Caroline Häming for bringing this up.

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We talk about a lot more, but I wanted to share this clip because I wanted to put a reminder out there that there are some bloody good Project Managers out there.

Sometimes we are the glue that holds everything together.
I’m happy to be the glue! 😁

Tag the good Project Managers you know!