Almost everyone wears a mask

Almost everyone wears a mask.
To look strong.
To appear calm.
To fit in.
To hide pain.
To hide vulnerability.

That’s the danger, you see.
Because we think that what we see is the real deal, when in fact, it’s most probably a mask.

Suicide is the worst thing that can happen when we take what we see as face value.
When we don’t ask why they haven’t been their usual self.
When we don’t see the puffy bloodshot eyes.
When we don’t realize why they haven’t been eating.

Ask the real question.

“Hey, how are you doing?”
” I’m OK, just sending out CVs you know, just need to carry on despite the rejections.”

<<Most people would stop here and provide some platitudes. What you need to do is to gently probe further. >>

“No, how are you really doing? How are you coping?”
” Not very well. Janice is going to leave me. I am drinking more, and I can’t sleep. I’m so worried I can’t make rent this month.”
“I’m coming over right now with some 🍩 and we can talk about it.”

You never know, you may save a life.


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