Are you up for another high-octane #PeiItForward Micro Workshop

Are you up for another high-octane #PeiItForward Micro Workshop on Personal Leadership this Friday?

Personal Leadership.
What does that even mean?
If you’re “merely” an Admin, or a Consultant, or a Developer, or _________ (fill in the blank), what’s the point of having Leadership qualities if you don’t lead a team of other humans?

Before you can lead others, you need to be able to lead yourself.

It is, in other words, Personal Mastery.
Mastery over your emotions, intentions, and behaviour.
Mastery over your Self.

This is such a huge topic, and one that I am incredibly fascinated about. There are those who are born with these skills, and others who would love to learn how to be better.

This micro workshop touches on the foundation of Personal Leadership, and that is – delving into the distinction between Personality and Character.

If you’re ready to work with amazing people, sign up using the link 👇🏻

A few asks:
– Sign into zoom 5 minutes early
– Note down the menti code on your email reminder
– Log onto, punch in the code and answer the first question
– Get ready for a dynamic and fun micro workshop hour

Having leadership qualities doesn’t just mean having the ability to run a team and complete missions/projects successfully.

You also have to be the Master of Your Self.

See you on Friday!