ASSUME makes a ASS out of U and ME

Do you know what someone means when they draw a line under their throat?
In Guardians of the Galaxy (a Marvel movie) Drax did not.

Whether its a “universal” sign for exterminating someone isn’t the point here.

What Peter Quill (aka Star Lord) did was to assume that others knew and understood references that he’d make from his world view.

Euphemisms, metaphors, allegories, some of these require context to be understood.

It took me a long time to understand the British droll humour, and know when someone is serious and when they are yanking my chain.

#Communication is important.
Being a good communicator means that you are sensitive to the other party, and you are mindful that they may not ‘get’ your lingo.

And so, you adjust.

Don’t assume.

You know what they say…
ASSUME makes a ASS out of U and ME.

Or maybe you don’t. 🤷🏻


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