Bidding for new projects are tough, especially if it’s for P…

Bidding for new projects are tough, especially if it’s for Project implementation and not Discoveries.

Sometimes, clients prefer us to skip the Discovery step, and bid for project implementation.

Some will have done a comprehensive tendering process, doing their own process mapping, business case generation and the like.

Most of the time, they will have created a long list of what they require from the system, which will be used for the RFP, and (rightly or wrongly) they believe that this negates the need for a Consulting Partner to do any Discovery.

Discoveries are generally a series of workshops where we get to know the business and design a solution that will be estimated and planned properly. The ‘deliverables’ of a Discovery are generally documents – solution documents, functional specifications (sometimes user stories), integration design, data migration and testing strategy, project plans and timelines.

In addition to that, we frequently also produce a Statement of Work for the project implementation.

Most organisations are not experienced in running software projects, and it would help to lean on their Consulting Partner’s expertise on how to do it properly.

Engaging them from the get go, and allowing them to embed themselves in your organisation will set you up for success.
And we always like being successful.
It’s like getting that ice cream at the end of a well-run race.
Utterly divine, and so very very well deserved!


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