Boundaries are healthy

Boundaries are healthy.

“Allan. This is my invisible wall. Do not cross into my personal space because I do not like it.”

At my first job, I remember a guy who would invade my space consistently. Sometimes he would watch over my shoulder and literally breathe down my neck while I worked.

One day, I had to set him straight.

He was surprised as no one had ever mentioned it to him before.

The other girls at the office were also surprised, as speaking up is unusual in a conservative country like Malaysia. Even more so because I’m female.

Boundaries are important, because without it, resentment breeds, and this will poison the atmosphere and relationships in the workplace.

Among the many super powers that I have 😁 one of the most useful is my apparent lack of deference for cultural norms and accepted political behaviour, especially when they don’t make sense.

Many people who have trouble saying “No” find themselves feeling resentful most of the time because they feel that others are taking advantage of their good nature.

In fact, the best thing they can do for themselves is to draw some boundaries and learn to say “No.”

This is especially true if 🍩 are involved.
Don’t ever mess with my Donut.

Not unless you want want to see the miffed side of me!


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