Death in my family is not a taboo subject.nnMy parents hav…

Death in my family is not a taboo subject.

My parents have already bought their burial plots – complete with the correct ‘feng shui’ orientation and trimmings. They’ve discussed their wills and wishes, and what would happen if one of them ‘kicked the bucket’ first.

I too approach the subject in the same way.

When my children were small, they would fret about me or hubby dying and leaving them alone, and asked us to promise to never die.

No one lives forever, I tell them.

What I can promise them is that I’d take care of myself as best as I can, to exercise right, to eat well, and to look after my mind, my soul and my body, so that I may be around to enjoy quality time with them, and their children.

My boys will be leaving their classmates and going to secondary school this year.

I talk about friends who come and go at different times of our lives, and to make peace with that.

The key is to make every connection count. Smile. Hug. Say kind words. Do kind acts. Touch someone’s heart. Wipe those tears. Be that friend.

I am trying to teach them to be emotionally resilient.

Kobe and daughter Gianna’s tragic death has reminded me how short life is.

Make it count. Do it now.

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