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Definition of success.

Arm candy
Letters behind my name
Expense account
# of views/likes/followers

So many people have such different definition of success.

What if we, as a society, redefine success, as … happiness?
Why don’t we teach children to pursue true happiness, the kind that comes from making a positive impact to those around us, which in turn – impacts ourselves as well.

As I understand it, there is no such thing as pure altruisim.
Doing good without expectation of anything in return.
That’s because, for most of us, doing something good for others results in creating in ourselves a sense of happiness as well.

More genuine kindness, compassion, human connection.

There might be impact to economic elements related to commercialising our material wants and desires, but capitalism might switch to accomodate this new shift of priorities.

I’ve just discovered Derek on Netflix. The most wholesome, kind, rude, bittersweet, funny series ever. #dereksays a lot of things, all of them about being kind, and being human.

Derek has a learning disability, and works in an old folks home with Hannah, a deeply caring manager who runs the place.

He seems to know the answer to life, learning from those at the end of theirs.

Those who have lived a long life, who have tales to tell, of love, loss, and life, are not useless, smiling at the arrogance of youth, who knows no humility.

“It’s more important to be kind than clever or good looking.”

It is indeed, Derek.
It is indeed.


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