“Don’t rock the boat.”nnI strive to create a safe space fo…

“Don’t rock the boat.”

I strive to create a safe space for people to be around me. No judgement, no blame, no pre-conceived ideas or agenda.

My team, and people around me find it easy to share things with me, especially of challenges with work, or even in their personal lives.

Conflicts de-escalate and fizzle out in a safe environment where blame and shame is not welcome, and only respectful attitude is expected in the face of candour and honesty.

Psychological safety in the workplace allows people to share their doubts, thoughts and feelings in a candid way – without fear of being shamed for it, which in turn fosters a sense of cohesion between team members.

Zooming out to the macro level, it is not uncommon to hear the following phrases.

“Don’t rock the boat.”

“Just keep your head down, and mind your own business.”

Organisations that encourage these sort of behaviour find themselves hampered by the culture and the attitude fostered within the employees. Making progress and moving forward thus becomes a monumental task and can take a while to shift.

When people feel safe to share ideas, thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement or shame, innovation flourishes. Camaraderie, respect and connection forms between colleagues.

You can also apply this on a personal level. How are your interactions with your family, your parent, your spouse and your children?

Because of my self awareness of how I operate at work, I strive to create the same safe space at home, but I will have to admit that it’s feels like a perpetual Work in Progress!

“Muuuuum! He tripped me up!”

“She decided it was a good idea to not look and run over my leg that just happens to be sticking out.”

It’s times like this that I try very hard not to let my eyeballs roll so far back that they’re looking out my butt while I try to keep my voice in a calm non-judgey tone 🙄.

Work In Progress.


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