End user Projects vs Consultancy led projects?

I’ve done both, and I’ve found each to have their own merit.

Consultancy projects can be quite high-octane, very dynamic and challenging; it can sometimes feel like a crazy car chase scene, or an epic adventure to toss that ring into the lava pit, or sometimes it can feel like a very ‘character-building’ slog of an ultra-marathon over uninspiring countryside, bearing blood blisters and nettle stings and bramble scars…

There’s a certain satisfaction in not only seeing a project through, but also _after_ the go-live, when the benefits get realised, and user express delight at being able to do their jobs better, easier, quicker, fun-ner. Of course, that depends on the project being implemented right.

I loved them both, but I think I’m addicted to the rush of doing back to back projects, where every engagement feels like a new job, with new people (team), new client, new requirements and objectives to reach. Would love to hear other opinions. #projectmangement

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