Executing the process design and requirement gathering works…

Executing the process design and requirement gathering workshops remotely is much more challenging than doing it face to face.

A skilled facilitator would be able to read body language, and get a good feel for the energy in the room, and be able to adjust her approach.

A good energy with participants excited to be part of designing a new system means that she can focus on the task at hand.

Tension, and charged emotional atmosphere, mean that the consultant will have to tread carefully.

Doing this on video calls mean that we lose access to the rich fabric of interpersonal human relationships.

We need to be even better at communication.
We need to listen closer.
Ask better questions.
Re-phrase and re-frame.
Make sure we understand.

Getting to the same outcome for the discovery and design workshops on video calls will take longer, and may potentially miss out crucial requirements unless we are diligent.

Which is why I believe that while remote working may be the current status quo due to the pandemic, this will not last.

Especially if you’re a client facing salesforce functional consultant.

Running remote workshops well require outstanding communication skills, with a deep appreciation of extracting nuances from a 2D audience.

At some point, the job requirements for salesforce consultant will include face to face client visits for initial project workshops.

For how are we able to do things properly if we aren’t able to really, deeply, understand what pains our clients?

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