Expectation of competency

In Consulting, there is an expectation of competency.

The job is fast paced, and everyone’s expected to pull their sleeves up and get their job done.

Sometimes though, we get someone green – but that’s ok.
As long as we know that, and we can provide them support so that they can learn and progress – it’s ok.

What’s *not* ok, is when #Salesforce Partners, through lack of long term planning, hire inexperienced people and expect them to be at a certain level.

I had this young man come on my Delivery Masterclass, who had just got her admin cert with zero experience land a job with a Partner.
Only to be billed out as a Senior Consultant.
And expected not to let on that fact to the client.

He was so stressed.
That’s so wrong on so many levels.

If you want your team to grow and bond, and become a high performing consulting powerhouse – you need to get the basics right.

Support, develop and mentor.
Provide safe environment and create a culture of trust.

I talk to Julie Palmer on my podcast, dropping on Monday 14/6 – and I hope you’ll listen in. As a fellow Project Manager, we face the same issues, and it was such an enjoyable conversation.