Another night on shift

Another night on shift.

Apart from my rubbish way of splitting “Listening Ear” over two lines on my scrap paper, I hope my message comes across OK.

We can be so kind to others, but so very very harsh to ourselves.

If someone invented a loudspeaker that tapped into the way we talked to ourselves, I think we’d be mortified.

Sometimes that voice can be hugely judgemental, full of contempt, and incredibly cruel.

We just need to stop doing it to ourselves.
We deserve better.

When we are kinder to ourselves, we flourish.
When we flourish, so will our relationship with others.

Listen to the way you talk to yourself.
Listen to the words you say to yourself.

And then kindly say
“Yo, Self!
Don’t Diss me.
I’m pretty awesome you know!”

Or something like that.
You get the picture 😁

That’s the PSA for tonight.
Especially to #Yourself