Bain’s Elements of Value

Where does my offering sit in the Elements of Value?

Aligned to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, I mapped my Delivery Masterclass for Salesforce Partners (DMSP) and identified the elements that is the most important to my target customers – the #SalesforcePartners in the ecosystem.

1. Connects the new hires with others who are on the same journey.

2. Quality – DMSP teaches that quality needs to be rooted in the standards of delivery, both on a personal and professional level.

3. Having high quality consultants who can elicit clear requirements, will reduce the risk of project taking a legal turn if things go wrong.

4. Well trained consultants will do things right the first time, reducing cost of re-work and write-offs due to mistakes

5. Well trained consultants can be billable much quicker, impacting directly to the revenue

6. Well trained consultants will save time as their experienced mentors and guides will not have to begin from scratch

7. Resourcing new talent into new projects will become effortless as they will quickly be able to hit the ground running.

8. (This is important!) The new consultants will feel confident when taking on projects, as they will be equipped with knowledge to handle complex situations

9. When everyone in the company gets into the groove – consulting life can be incredibly fun

10. Motivation will not become a problem when all the elements are aligned

11. Finally, loyalty, the feeling of belonging to the company will ensure that the team can only grow from strength to strength.

Once the functional needs are met (green circles), the emotional and life changing elements will come.

That is my goal for the DMSP.

Lesson 12: Marketing Seminar.

This is my learning journey, and I am accountable for the results.

If you’re a #SalesforcePartner in my network, I would love some feedback, and would like to know if having an external company level up your consulting team would hit the points below.

I am offering a tray of 🍩 for genuine feedback and comments 😁