Getting Support right

Many Consulting Partners aren’t able to get their Support and Managed Services right.*

I was talking to a #SalesforcePartner last week about why the attrition rate in her Support team was so high.

The problem is that most companies see Support as a Cost centre, much like the Legal department – a necessary evil.

They are there to deal with situations when we don’t get things right in our products or services, and to deal with our grumpy customers in a way that doesn’t escalate into a PR disaster (or disaster of any kind).

As such, they don’t get very much love. They
– are measured by how quickly they close cases
– aren’t given much autonomy in their work
– generally don’t get much training
– have very limited career path
– are generally treated quite poorly

Is it a wonder why they leave?

Treat them well, and design a career progression that creates excitement and loyalty to help bring success to your organisation.
This may mean creating an opportunity to join the Professional Services team if they wish.

Understanding that people have intrinsic values and motivation will create a high performing team who will want to stay.

That’s not really rocket science.
It’s the execution that’s hard.

* There are a few exceptions though – you know who you are 😘.