Boxing and Data!

I have a graph of my cholesterol reading for the last 20 years, 📈although the data collection and graphing had to be done manually of course.

Nowadays, with so much wearable tech and analytics, this particular exercise can be made so much easier.

I talked to Rikke Hovgaard on my #podcast, Director of #Analytics at #Salesforce about loads of things, especially about boxing and how she collects and uses that data.

She finds out the days of the week when her punches are extra powerful, and why that is. 🥊🤕😁
You’ll have to tune in to find out the answers!

Heyyy when you’re a data nerd EVERYTHING is fascinating!

Come and listen in on our conversation – the podcast is dropping next Monday 24 May!

What data do you collect, and do you analyse it??