Has anyone twigged yet?nThose who work with #offshore teams…

Has anyone twigged yet?
Those who work with #offshore teams?

I wonder whether anyone realises that the remote collaboration world we live in now because of pandemic is what our #offshore friends and colleagues live in when they are working with us in the West?

The times you berate them for not understanding you properly, or for doing something wrong because you didn’t take the time to clarify your process diagram and you magically expect them to read your mind and know exactly what you wanted?

I don’t know if pheromones or the synchronising of menstruation cycles is actually true, but I do know this:
There’s magic with being in proximity with your team.

Tacit information is exchanged, the subconsious observes, notices and hears things without you realising it.
You bond, you empathise, you connect.
Without realising it.

Now that you’re finding it difficult to agree on things during meetings, or when you are finding it more difficult to see eye to eye with someone,

To communicate better, there must be more intent.
Be clearer. Don’t assume the other party understands.
Check, and recheck.
Validate and confirm.

Be kind when mistakes happen.

Right now, it could be you making the mistakes.
And you can’t blame it on culture or language.