Do you want to know the 5 words that are the secret to reall…

Do you want to know the 5 words that are the secret to really effective #communication and connection?

No, you don’t need an MBA or to know all 24 communication styles, the 5 theories of communication and the 42 models of communication to be successful.

I really don’t think it’s that complicated.

All you really need to know is the 5 words that I first learned when I read Covey’s 7 habits:
“First understand, then be understood.”

First – you listen.
No judgements, just really actively listen with curiosity.
Really try and understand where the speaker is coming from, and why they are saying what they are saying, in the way they are saying it.

Ask gentle questions to learn more.
To peel back the layer.
To understand.


… to make sure you really have understood.

And only then, do you frame your communication in a way that _you_ can be understood.
Perhaps the speaker needs to be told bluntly.
Or they need details and background.
Or they need to have an emotional connection and reason.

That’s the only formula I know, and it has been incredibly effective in my years of project management and leading high performing teams.

No, there’s no need to know about the Dominant, the Influencer, the Socialist, the Related, Analyzer, Director, Amiable, Driver, Thinker, Feeler… blablabla.

It all starts with just listening.
Try it.
What you find may surprise you.