Hayfever is killing me but…

Hayfever is killing me but nothing is going to dampen my glorious weekend!

I’ve just finished the last day of my delivery Masterclass course yesterday, and everyone who had attended on the #payitforward ticket due to being unemployed… is now employed!!

Whoooop Whooooop!!

What an AMAZING feeling!

What’s really lovely is that we had a great mix of cohort – the new hires (and not-so-new) from #Salesforce Partners, and the #payitforward group who were very new to the ecosystem.

I’ve been blown away by how much support the group has given each other, in terms of doing the assignments, the practical skills and role plays, and just general help.

That’s the way things should be.

How do you turn a group of people into a team?
You create an environment that is
– supportive
– friendly
– respectful
– kind, and
– safe

All my training cohort have been great, and I know some who have continued to stay in touch long after the course has finished.

The sun is out, and so are the flowers and bees (and pollen!) But my heart is singing and I cannot stop smiling.

My eyes and nose are streaming, and I sneeze non-stop, but I’m having a fantastic weekend and now you know why!

Here’s wishing that you have a fantastic weekend too!