“Hiring #Salesforce Functional Consultants – currently remote …

“Hiring #Salesforce Functional Consultants – currently remote (so you can zoom with your pyjama bottoms).

However, when all of us have been appropriately stabbed with the vaccine, you’ll be required to present your sparkly personality and flex your charming interpersonal skills working with our amazing team and clients.”

No one would be crazy enough to resist _that_ job description!

I’ve loved not commuting and spending time with the family.

There’s no doubt that many of us have become to realise what really matters – family, friends, connection, quality time – just some of the few beautiful things that’s come out of this situation.

I hope that when the world opens up again, in-person Discoveries and requirement workshops will resume.

Online workshops can be quite tough and draining, and only a fraction of how effective it could be.
Yes – there are many online collaborative tools, but proximity is power. There’s so much that happens in the physical presence of another person – much of it subconscious.

It’s like comparing playing a movie in 4k resolution vs a lo-fi black & white monstrously large television of yore.

Those of you who are old enough will know exactly what I mean.

Would you swap back to the ‘good ole days’?
No, I wouldn’t either. 🙄


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