How To Do this Magical Thing

There is a reason why we have ‘Best Practice’ and the golden mantra: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

In the ‘Before Time’, the sysadmin or sysop was all powerful.
These tech gurus could unleash the Power of the Universe just by sending off a string of alphanumeric thing into a black screen.

Nowadays, you don’t need years of learning the occult lore of computer wizardry in some dusty AS400 back room, bathed in the green tint of the monitors.

Now, you can get on Trailhead, Udemy, YouTube and learn #Salesforce. For Free.

This unleashes upon us many enthusiastic newly certified admins who feel invincible, because they now know the secret of
How To Do this Magical Thing.

There are two things that can only be acquired with experience.
(1) How to do this magical thing *The Right Way*
(2) *When* to do this magical thing The Right Way.

That’s why you turn to seasoned Consulting Partners, who have experienced consultants who Know Better.

If you’re a #SalesforcePartners and you want to level up your consulting team, DM me because I specialise the the Best Practices around Salesforce Project Delivery.

I’ve seen enough catastrophes involving “just this little fix in PROD.” 🙄