I nag

I nag.
But I’m so charming that my team rarely minds too much 😁

Except my kids, because they get stuff taken away when they ignore me. 😉

However, most people think that it’s all #ProjectManagers do.
I must admit that there are enough sub-par PMs out there who think that all they’re responsible for is to nag for updates (for their status reports), schedule meetings and distribute minutes.

The best of us are so much more than that!

We are the glue that keeps things together.
We do things that need to be done that no one thinks about.
We coach and nurture the team so that we can fly faster. 🚀
We support and elevate those around us.
We de-escalate tension and resolve conflict.
We help everyone carve a path to reach their potential, though that destination may eventually lie elsewhere. 🍀

We help the team do the work that gets the job done, and have loads of fun and laughter along the way.

We are the glue.
Not the most glamourous job, but it’s an important one.

And if you work with a #Salesforce Consulting Partner, then we also nag about timesheets.
So… if you want to be my favourite person, always do your timesheets ON TIME!! 😆

🍩 won’t excuse you if you create issues for my monthly billing!

Ok, it’ll make me less grumpy, just… don’t do it again. 😑