I use the project kick-off to great effect:n- Team Introduc…

I use the project kick-off to great effect:
– Team Introduction
– Project brief (as we understand it)
– Critical Success Factors (Client pain points)

{and this is where I extract from the SoW/Proposal}
– What we will be doing to solve the business problem
– Deliverables (Solution Design, Integration Catalogue, Data Mig, Functional Design etc)
– Workshops and schedule
– Project timeline and milestones
– Assumptions (no multi currency, end-user training etc)
– Client Obligations (licenses, access to resources etc)
– Risks & Constraints <-- potential bad news.
– Ways of Working (WFH and site visit protocols, virtual teams and comms)
– Methodology (if appropriate)

This is the time when I tell everyone in the room to share what their vision of success at the end of the project looks like.
As well as what obstacles might be in the way that might make it a rough journey.

This allows our delivery team to step into their shoes, and feel their pain and frustration.

The magic about working with a powerful and intuitive system like Salesforce, is that it also allows us to feel like we have a magic wand that has the power to swish a lot of that pain away.

To feel like we can make someone’s pain go away, is a deep human need* and when you are able to tap into that, and make both parties feel like they are One Big Team on the same quest, you know you’re in for a great working relationship.

It’s easy to be a Bad Ass PM when you’ve set it all up for success. 😎


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