“I will still be here if I’m learning, earning and having fun.”

“I will still be here if I’m learning, earning and having fun.”

A bit of a gutsy answer to interview question, “Where will you be in 5 years?”

I view almost everything in life as transactional.

A job may be right for the candidate.

For now.

A consulting business would keep its talent pool if they progress support staff into the delivery team, or find a way to bring over remote offshore managed service talent to create exciting growth paths.

I don’t believe in “Forever Job” or” Forever Employee”.

However, I make sure I inject as much positive energy into all the transactional experience I have with other people.

With my team, my clients, my company, my job, my partner, my kids, my friends, the tesco delivery man, the busker at Bank Station..

In fact, with everyone I meet.

Relationships are made out of many emotional transactions and interactions. Add them together and you get a feel for how the relationship develops.

A job is a transaction. It is up to both sides to make it a rewarding one.

When I was younger, I prioritised learning over earning or having fun.

Now, I have options.

Maybe having fun is the order of the day.

Serve that with a side order of crazy and I’m game!


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