Is it better to be right, or kind?

Is it better to be right, or kind?

Many programmes featuring Simon Cowell or Gordon Ramsey seem to teach that being brutally honest may be the best way to avoid disappointment and pain later on in life.

In The Pursuit of Happyness, Will Smith tells his son not to hope too much, because when the dreams come crashing down, it would really hurt.

I muse about this frequently, especially when I have to have difficult conversations with people about ‘fit’.

Working as a consultant for a #Salesforce Partner (or any other software partner) isn’t for everyone.
It can be harsh, and unrelenting.
It isn’t really a nurturing environment, not unless the leadership team and organisation embeds those values into its soul.

Ask anyone who’s been in the business.
It can be soul destroying.
It really isn’t for everyone.

Sometimes, I have to have very candid conversations with those who are struggling to make it in this world.

Be right, or be kind?

I believe we can be both.
With empathy, we are doing a service by helping someone find their true home.
We don’t have to take them down for not having the right stripes for the job; that’s not ‘brutal honesty’ – that’s just being cruel.

The world needs more #compassion.