As a PM, I set the tone

As a Project Manager, I set the tone for the team.

I can make life for my team
Easy or hard
Fun or tedious
Kind or toxic

As a leader, I know that I have direct impact on the quality of life of those in my charge, and I take that responsibility very seriously.

I want to make sure that we fulfil the promises to our clients in
– what we deliver, and
– how we deliver them.

I do this by making sure my communication is clear right from the start.

When I get a new project, and a new team (which often happens in a large #Salesforce Partner),
I set expectations clearly
– I set parameters for code of conduct and ways of working
– I expect everyone to have read the SOW
– I expect everyone to raise concerns early
– I expect the team to be able to deliver what’s expected of them, and to inform me if they are blocked

Conversely, they can expect that
– I will be fair
– I will always listen to them
– I will respect their point of view, even if I may disagree
– I will support them in whatever way they need so that they can do their jobs

This is how you run a high performing team.
You set the standards from the top.