UPW June 2021!

I’m really excited to be attending Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within this Thursday!

I’ve attended it in person three times since 2004, once with Husband, second with parents and the last one in 2015 with a good friend.

The long weekend is amazing, starting with the infamous firewalk! (Yes I did it every single time! 🔥👣)

“If you can walk over fire, you can conquer anything!”

I love nerding out on #SelfDevelopment and #growth topics but it was so full on that I couldn’t take it all in.

And even though the material covered has mostly stayed consistent, I’ve taken away very different things every time I went.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve matured in my personal growth journey and my needs have changed.

If anyone in my network is attending the virtual #UPW June 2021, let me know please so we can swap notes and get crazy together!

Soo excited!